Flesh without Blood

Directed by Grimes

I’m a big fan of Grimes, and her latest single is another great dose of poppy, dark, electronic, danceable stuff. I read a review that suggested it was ‘uncomfortable’ to listen to it too many times, but I’m certainly not finding that.

The video is a little less successful than Oblivion was for me (but then Oblivion is one of my favourite music videos), however there’s some great imagery in it, particularly the bloody angel. It’s bright, eccentric and works well with the music.

If you are a Grimes fan, here’s an interview with Claire Boucher over on the Guardian website.

We All Fall Down

There’s been a bit of a gap between posts, but we’re back with a new film today and lots of great films and interviews lined up!

Director and co-writer – Laura Anne Anderson
Producer and co-writer – William J Beaumont
Cinematographer – Sergiu Timar
Editor – Timo Langer
Sound Effects – Erik Beaumont, William J Beaumont
Cast: Sergiu Timar, William J Beaumont, Laura Anne Anderson

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, today on the blog we’re featuring a film I worked on. It’s a short horror, which we just released online, and Halloween seems like the perfect date to promote it!

We All Fall Down is the story of a man on the run who falls and injures himself in a remote woodland, only to be found by two innocent walkers. While he slips in and out of consciousness, and their attempts to help him keep failing, things go from bad to worse.

We filmed the short in a forest on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and had near perfect conditions for the day – even the rain played a good part in the short. It’s a no-budget film, made for the love of it, and we went for a classical horror sensibility – think Hammer or old school Romero.

This Is Normal

Written/Directed By: Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh
Cast: Ryann Turner, Russell Harvard, Molly Burnett

A young deaf woman discovers that she is a candidate for an experimental treatment that could restore her hearing. However, doing so may mean she loses some of the things she already holds precious.

This Is Normal is a brilliantly made short film, and is especially moving. The soundtrack and audio design is great too, and helps it stand out.


Story, Animation and Design: Robert Grieves
Music Composition: Dan Radclyffe

A charming little retro-styled animation about two happy street vendors – one selling sausage, the other bread and pastry – whose simple world is overturned by a colourful and villainous fast food stall.

The short film has won multiple awards at festivals around the world, and it’s a nice, sweet animation with an effective and simple story at its heart.