Short Films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

The Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 is in full swing, and I spent yesterday glued to the silver screen watching some amazing short films.

Here are 10 of my favourite short films from the Edinburgh International Film Festival so far, in no particular order.

How I Didn’t Become a Piano Player

Based on a story by David Nicholls, this is the tale of a boy who is not particularly good at anything yet, but is determined to find his true calling. There are brilliant performances all round in this, notably from the young lead Logan Shearer. There’s lovely narration from Tom Felton, and it’s filled with funny moments. It looks great too, and if cinematographer Sebastian Cort and writer/director Tommaso Pitta aren’t making a British feature comedy in the near future I’ll eat my hat.

The Edge of the Woods

This is a dark, moving short film about a girl who lives on a farm and has trained a strange monster to talk. It features strong performances, especially from the lead Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) as well as Maria Dizzia and Sean Bridgers, and great direction and writing from Grainger David. The special effects are minimal but used well, and it was a visual treat.

Miracle Maker

A 12 year old boy, whose father is ill and who helps his uncle sells vacuum cleaners, hears about a Miracle Maker, and sets off to find some help. Another brilliant young actor called Jovan Armand taking the lead in this one (bit of a theme this year), with a charming supporting cast of characters. The visual style and tone of the piece are great, and it’s very touching. Will be interesting to see what writer/director Kate Marks does next.

Once Upon a Blue Moon

I just loved this animation about a lonely alien and a robot sent to take photos of rocks. It’s short and very sweet, with beautiful colours, simple animation and a very cute, funny tone to it.


I can’t find a trailer for this, but take my word that it’s good to see. A short documentary about the first ever post-modern horror movie, a 1990 short film called ‘There’s Nothing Out There’ by director Rolfe Kanefsky. This short documentary examines the short horror film, and looks at what happened to it. It’s by filmmaker Charlie Lyne, who made the excellent ‘Beyond Clueless’, and definitely worth catching at the EIFF.

Amaro and Walden’s Joyride – I loved this micro short about a pair of hapless cartoon characters who think they are in a music video. It’s made by the team at the Line Animation, whose short film Everything I Can See From Here I featured on the blog last year.

The Gift – Gabriel Robertson wrote and directed this short about a boy who has saved up to buy a very important birthday present. Great cast and gorgeous period set design and clothing, as well as cinematography. No trailer for this, but find out more about The Gift on IMDB.

The Pig Child – a beautifully shot British short about a scientist who crosses a dangerous line in her embryology research. Find out more about The Pig Child.

A Single Life – another great animation about a single woman who receives a very special record. Watch the trailer on vimeo – it’s great fun.

Story of an Object (Història d’un Objecte) – beautifully shot (I admit bias here as I know the cinematographer Sergiu Timar) short film about subjectivity, made by students at Screen Academy Scotland.

See listings for all short films on at the EIFF 2015 on the Edinburgh International Film Festival website.

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