Uncanny X-Men

By: Patrick Willems *
Cast: James Zebooker, Scott Thomas, Chloe Holgate, Matt Torpey, Jacob Torpey, Zac MacKrell, Nate Miller, Kendra Pettis, Chad Ruhle
Model designer/maker: Benjamin MacKrell
Costume designer: Kendra Pettis
Wardrobe consultant: Mary Willems

Here’s a fun and surprisingly charming parody trailer for the ‘Uncanny X-Men’, as if it was directed by Wes Anderson.

It’s the brainchild of Patrick Willems ‘and his amazing friends’, who have made lots of these parody films. They are all made with affection by fans, so there’s a lot to love in them.

*There must be more people involved in this, but these are the only credits I can find. 

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