How I Ate Your Mother

Writer/Director: James Atkins
DOP/Editor: Ben Grace
Cast: Jessica Sargent, Marcus Kinsella, Chris Kennan, Ben Grace

How I Ate Your Mother is an award-winning short film made by the Boom Shadows team in 2013. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this sci-fi featured a unconventional look at how zombies lived in the future. In addition to winning 3 awards at the Exposure Filmmaker’s 48 hour Film Festival (Best Film, Best Editor, Best Screenplay), How I Ate Your Mother was a Shooting People’s Film of the Month Finalist (May 2014). It has also been screened at the Nightpiece Film Festival and Portobello Film Festival.

I love the inventiveness of this short- it makes a great addition to the Halloween selection for the blog. Easy to see why it’s been so loved by short film festivals. Find out more about How I Ate Your Mother.

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