Barkley 100

Directed, Edited and Filmed by Brendan Young
Director of Photography: Isaiah Branch-Boyle
Original Score by Keith Shacklett

Barkley 100 tells the story of the hardcore 100 mile Barkley Marathons. With a 60 hour total time limit and elevation gain equivalent to two treks up Mt. Everest, not to mention quirky checkpoints and a painful looped course, it’s quite a feat. Only fourteen runners have finished the race in the 30 year history.

The film not only shows a few of the people running the ultramarathon, but also the eccentric elements unique to the Barkley race. It’s a great short and interesting look into the reasons people do ultra-marathons.

It made me think of another outstanding documentary on ultramarathons, Desert Runners, which screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2013.  Within the space of a year, the participants race excruciating ultramarathons in a total of four deserts. It’s another film that goes right into the psyche of the long distance marathon runner, and one that’s worth watching.

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