Factory Farmed

Director/Writer: Gareth Edwards
Producer: Zoe Elliott
Cast: Allen Leech, Jacob Court

Back in 2008, Sci-Fi London ran their first 48-hour film challenge. Teams were required to make a SF short which incorporated a clear bottle with red or green liquid, and the line of dialogue “I am required to carry out this task until completion; your orders do not override anything”. The winner was the above, Factory Farmed, made by the team Rebel Alliance, which included writer/director Gareth Edwards.

Factory Farmed shows just what you can do with low-key SF, minimal effects and good camera work.

Edwards has now gone on to big things, with his feature Monsters in 2010, the current Godzilla reboot, and the recently announced new Star Wars spinoff film (lovely that he’s doing this, given the name of his 48 Hour team!).

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