Zombie Asockalypse

Director: Paul Bruce
Writers: Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
Producers: Margaret Henderson, Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
Cast: Joe Peat, Margaret Henderson, Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie

A group of misfits seek refuge in a farmhouse and attempt to evade the terrifying zombie hoardes.

Sound familiar? Well, this is the plot of Zombie Asockalypse, a comedy/horror animation which is a zombie film with a difference. Made using sock puppets and a simple, clever set, it plays with the classic tropes and conventions of the Zombie genre to great effect.

Zombie Asockalypse was featured on BBC 2 on The Culture Show and director Paul Bruce was interviewed about the film by Mark Kermode, the BBCs noted film critic, who described the film as ‘The Best Zombie film ever made in a washing machine’! The film was also nominated for best comedy at the 2012 Smalls Film Festival in London and won the 2010 Cinefringe award for best film, was Grand Finale of the Hansel of Film at the 2012 London Cultural Olympics and was at London Short Film Festival and Independent Days Film Festival Karlsruhe.

Director of Zombie Asockalypse Paul Bruce told us a little bit more about this great animation, and about his work:

What inspired this?
Night of the Living Dead and some old socks.

What were the challenges or opportunities in making the film?
We were inspired to make Zombie Asockalypse following a night in the bar brainstorming an idea to work with sock puppets as a change from making another live-action short film.

Sock puppets were the obvious choice as they don’t need catering, they never complain about the weather and don’t get drunk on cider between camera-setups! The only downside is they smell a bit when the lights heat them up. The main advantages with using a camcorder for this kind of film was the movement you could have and the fact you could get the camera into tiny little spaces which is great for puppet films! Zombie Asockalypse fitted with our mission in making handcrafted, quirky, offbeat films. It’s very much the kind of film we want to make.

Tell us a bit about you:
Paul has been writing short stories and making short films since 1991, having been awarded a grant from the Edinburgh Arts Council for a short film made in conjunction with Edinburgh Film & Video Access. He has also made shorts for cable tv and also for satellite TV channels.

Paul makes quirky, offbeat comedy thrillers and animations generally featuring strong female leads and bleak, slightly twisted, ironic humour. Paul has completed ‘Sockzilla!’ (2012) the follow-up to Zombie Asockalypse, which has won 5 awards and screened at Karlsruhe Film Festival (Independent Days) as well as a live-action Hammer Horror spoof ‘Nuns of Evil’ (2013) and is currently working on a supernatural web-series sitcom called ‘Godhammer’ which has been selected as a partner project by The Smalls Film Festival.

Paul is also currently working on a new series of Short Stories. The first of these, ‘The Panthers of Rannoch Moor’ was published in the Grind Arts Journal in 2014.

Find out more about Paul Bruce.

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