SIS + Deborah Haywood Interview

Director: Deborah Haywood
Writer: Deborah Haywood
Producer: Tina Pawlik
Cast: Demi Jo Parker, Billie Lee Parker

SIS is a short film about Lauren and Amy, who hear there is a man who ‘likes children’ living close by, and so they decide to track him down to show him their handstands. It is dark, funny and unsettling, beautifully shot with great performances all around.

I’ve known SIS writer and director Deborah Haywood for several years now via social networks and blogs, and had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her short film Lady Margaret at the Edinburgh Film Festival a few years ago.

In the first of a new strand on the blog, I’m pleased to interview Deborah about SIS and find out more about this brilliant short film:

What inspired SIS?
Childhood memories, neighbourhood gossip, and being around young children.

What were the challenges or opportunities in making the film?
The challenges were working with leads who are five and three years old.  Too young to read scripts, which was a challenge, but also too young to feel self-conscious, which was a gift. The film gave me an opportunity to try out a certain tone, and to see if I could make people laugh.

What’s next?
A feature maybe, and to just carry on making stuff.

Tell us a bit about you:
I love laughing, and also really dark stories, and I hope to make films that reflect that.  I’m always scared, which is a great motivator.  Apparently my first school report said I was ‘highly inquisitive and over talkative.’  I think that still sums me up.

Find out more about Sis and Deborah Haywood.

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